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Start A Painting Business

So you have decided it's finally time to give your home a good makeover? Before you run around deciding which furniture to toss out on the lawn, take a look at these tips when it comes to choosing a contractor to paint your house. When you take a painting contractor, you should proceed with your plans using a bit of sensible caution.

Another predicament in starting the business is the number of capital involved. Since, you have to purchase the material and equipment before getting the payment it is essential to have some reserve amount of money needed. Without sound experience it may get tricky to find a lender for this business. But, the best part about starting this type of business is that even though the real estate conditions are unpleasant yet, there is still the demand for repairing, replacement, waterproofing, or painting. Another encouraging point is that good roofing contractors are scarce.

Moving on.

Check with the Better Business Bureau. Once you locate a painting contractor it is a good idea to contact your local Better Business Bureau. Ask if there's been any complaints made about the painting contractor in question and whether they have any other information that may help you. The painting contractor could be a member of the Better Business Bureau and if so they'll tell you what year the contractors membership began. The Better Business Bureau offers this as a free service and then you can call with any company you would like information about.

Confirm that the contractor has appropriate insurance. Every legitimate painting contractor should have the proper insurance (this will vary from state to another and county to county). This information will probably be included on their business card, together with their license number, so if you tried to call and confirm that their business license is active, you can do so. A contractor without proper insurance is a large red flag-and you should find a new contractor as quickly as possible. If no information is provided about insurance, ask the contractor immediately if they've got the proper insurance they need by law.

Ask for a solid estimate of how long the job is going to take. Many people will probably think about doing this anyway as they start looking for painting contractors-but it's useful to gage their responses. It is better to work together with a painting contractor who informs you that the job will now take a slightly longer if they explain why (it needs more manpower, extra time, etc.). This is preferable to a person who promises that the job will be carried out in 7 days and then still has not finished a month later. Request in writing, confirmation that the job will be complete within a set timeframe: most painting contractors will be happy to comply.

Ask for job references from the painting contractor. This is a critical step that many homeowners seem to pay no attention to. Acquiring references is very important if you're thinking of hiring a contractor to work toward your home. Contact each reference provided to you and tell them about their experiences working with the contractor. You'll gain valuable information you could not get anywhere else. This alone can help you make a wise decision when it is a question of selecting the best painting contractor for your home renovation project.

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